Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rain is for Wimps

     It's raining again here in beautiful downtown Iowa City. And yes, I am the wimp that I speak of.
The rain just kills my arthritis and makes everything ache. In such cases, ibuprofen becomes a joke and I have to hit the "real" drugs - prescription drugs that is. It makes it feel better and gives me the illusion that I don't ache so much. But the proof is in the pudding. If I am sitting still, the ol' joints are fine but for the love of Mike when I try to walk it sounds like someone took all the instruments from the London Philharmonic Orchestra and threw them down a flight of stairs. Even navigating around my little apartment is like trying to climb K2. I turn, but everything below my ass takes its time and I look like a total drunk. On days like this I feel like it's cloudy with a chance of collision.
     Well, that's all for now. I plan to have a quiet weekend and staying in the apartment since every time I've stepped out in the last few days, I have gotten a headache.
     Oh, yeah, speaking of which...I went down to see Samantha and Thom on Thursday - well I confess I went to play with their little kitty Tux. He is sooooooo cute! Okay, so where they live is surround come by lots of trees which set off an allergic reaction for me. My eyes swelled up, itched like crazy and turned blood red. I finally decided I needed to come home only to step outside and get hit by the sun...BAM, instant headache. When I passed the bank and saw that the temperature was 91 degrees, I knew that some bed rest was  emanate. Man, I got home and got off my shirt and bra. All I could do at this point was to collapse on the bed and sleep for a couple of hours. I still had the halo of the headache all evening but the next day brought a better noggin. So today...the momma ain't settin' foot outside if I can help it. Cheers!

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